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Guitarist. Singer & Song Writer. Composer

Some of my work ( Do listen with good ear phones ) :

... more to come.

I started to learn music at the ripe age of 23. What started as a hobby eventually became a significant facet of my personality. I attribute my transformation from a shy, introverted boy to a confident, friendly person to my music. I am now able to engage and entertain people with my live performances and online videos - which definitely gives me a sense of accomplishment.


It took a lot of grit and perseverance to stick with it even when it seemed like I was wasting my time trying to learn something which is not “natural” to me. This led to the most important learning in my life, given the time, effort and commitment anything is possible to achieve.


While I was always oriented towards functional aspects of my work, music tangibly added to the aesthetics of my work. I think learning music has developed my cognitive abilities which helps me recognize patterns quickly - which is an invaluable asset.


After making multiple singles, I recently achieved a significant milestone in my music career - to perform in a musical album in an Indian feature film. The song was released by Sony and gathered more than 2.9 million views.

 ” To tell stories, to entertain and engage audiences and to deliver positivity ”

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