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" To help individuals deal with stress, enabling them to develop a stronger mind and thereby creating a strong society"

As a certified teaching faculty of the Art of Living Foundation, I have organized and taught the immersive 3-Day Happiness Program to 500+ individuals. The course is focused on mind management using breath as a tool for leading a healthy life through yoga, meditation and interactives sessions.


I strongly believe, especially with the advent of social media, that every individual's mind state has a huge impact on society as a whole. While contemporary education imparts knowledge, many are left unable to control their minds, which affects performance and eventually leads to violence and/or depression. For instance, most instances of violence occur during a momentary lapse of reason ( loss of control over the mind ). Through these courses, I empower individuals to build a stable mind that can face adversity and maintain calm. Many participants of my course have reported marked benefits and improved quality of life after attending my sessions.


Moreover, in the process of conducting these holistic personality development courses, I have also built a network of well wishers from students to CEOs of big companies. This has opened up my eyes to how different people approach and manage their core life issues. I am committed to contribute the best of my abilities to make the world a better place by helping one individual at a time.

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